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Introducing KMS Curl Up Wave Foam, your ticket to effortless, beachy waves that last all day. Unlock the secret to beautifully defined waves with this 200ml powerhouse, formulated to nourish and enhance your natural texture.Banish frizz and flyaways while amplifying your waves with this innovative styling foam.


Crafted with a unique blend of ingredients this lightweight foam provides long-lasting hold without the crunch, leaving your waves soft, touchable, and full of life. Whether you're craving loose, tousled waves or structured, defined curls, our Curl Up Wave Foam offers the versatility to achieve your desired look with ease.


KMS Curl Up Wave Foam 200ml

SKU: 127050
    • Enhances wave formation 
    • Creates long lasting waves with definition 
    • Provides frizz control and humidity resistance for up to 72 hours